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Galveston Safety Consultant

Galveston Safety Consultants

We are experienced Construction Safety Consultant in Galveston. We provide workplace and job-site assessments for construction, manufacturing, general industry, office and hospital laboratories. Learn how to take Safety “Proactively” and reduce the risk of injury or accident while your employees are on the job. Contact us for a Galveston Safety Consultant Today.

Construction Safety Training

In need of construction safety training? Our experienced Galveston Safety Consultant provide all job-site required training’s suited for any scenario, professional, laboratory, industrial, manufacturing or construction. We arrive on time, ready to instruct the intended audience. Construction Safety Training are available Monday – Saturday anywhere from in Galveston and the USA in English and Spanish.

OSHA 10 Hour and OSHA 30 Hour Training Construction

We provide OSHA classes to groups of 10 or more for Construction and General Industry OSHA 10 Hour and OSHA 30 Hour. Inquire for details. Contact us for scheduling and to find the best Galveston Construction Safety Consultants and Training Services around.

New Hire Orientations

Hiring New Employees? We provide New Hire Orientations molded specifically to your companies scope of work. Many hazards present themselves while your employees are on the job. We provide the expertise and “real world” cause and effect scenarios needed to enlighten employees and increase awareness while they perform their daily duties. Insure your employees are trained and orientated by the best, Level Safety Consulting. Contact us for Galveston Safety Consulting Services.

Construction Accident / Incident Investigation

Facing an accident? We are here 24/7 to facilitate or assist with accident investigation. We document details and perform a root cause analysis at your place of business. Level Safety Consulting provides expert Root Cause Analysis of Accidents or Incidents in Construction, General Industry and Manufacturing. We provide the method, define the problem, investigate all know causes, collect evidence, explain solutions to prevent the recurrence and follow up with an easy to follow report. Construction Safety Consulting and Accident Investigation Experts.

Risk Management / Abatemnet Construction

Mitigate the risk before it becomes a problem. We provide Risk Management assessment to identify, minimize, monitor and control the probability or impact of unfortunate events. 24 Hour Service form our Galveston Safety Consulting Services.

Job-Site Safety Inspections

We provide expert analysis of your job-site using OSHA regulations and additional job-site safety requirements. During the safety inspection process we look for violations, using OSHA as our basis for the corrective action. We take notes of violations and good safety practices while performing the job-site safety inspections. You will receive a full report detailing what the violation was and the OSHA specific regulation on how to make the corrective actions. We maintain all necessary record-keeping and documentation of job-site safety inspections to ensure you are left with a safe workplace. Supervisors and Project management will be provided a copy. Contact Level Safety Consulting for Galveston Job-Site Safety Inspections.

Review & Write Safety Programs

We review and write safety programs for our clients. Whether you need a new safety program, updates to a safety program, or changes to an existing safety program we are here to help. We provide the service to all General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Manufacturing Facilities and many more. By choosing level safety consulting, you can assure your safety program is created and updated according to OSHA regulations. Never the less, OSHA has specific requirements for all industries regarding your safety program. We insure you receive absolutely the best safety consulting and safety program development.

Additional Training We Provide

We conduct the following Safety Training services to our clients in Galveston. All of our training services are customization to meat you companies specific needs. All safety training available in English and Spanish. OSHA 10 Hour Construction Course, OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course, OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Course, OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Course, Confined Space Awareness, Fall Protection, Forklift Operator (Power Industrial Trucks),  OSHA Record keeping, Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR, AED and First Aid Training, Pediatric First Aid & CPR & AED training, Respiratory Protection & Fit Testing, Electrical Safety, Lockout / Tagout, Trenching & Excavation Awareness,  Scaffolding Awareness Training,  Aerial Work Platforms, Scissor Lift Safey Training,  Hazard Communication, GHS ( Globally Harmonized System and Classification of Chemicals ), SDS, Fire/Egress/Emergency Action Plan (EAP), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Accident Investigation, Asbestos Awareness, , Crane and Derrick Safety, Hand and Power Tool Safety, Machine Safeguarding, Ergonomics, Welding and Cutting, Forklift Train-the-Trainer, Safety Program Management, Introduction to OSHA, Slips and Falls Fire Watch Training and much more.

Galveston Safety Consultant & Construction Safety Training Services

Galveston Safety Training & Construction Safety Consulting services in Galveston Texas. We provide expert Safety Auditing and Job-site Safety Inspections.